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Explorations: Through the Wormhole is now available at Amazon!

From the back of the book:

​It's 2052 and the first known wormhole appears in lunar orbit. Earth sends a ship to investigate and the future of space travel changes forever. The Solar System develops in many ways over the centuries, but one thing remains constant: the wormholes continue to appear.

Join many of today's most exciting indie science fiction authors as they chart a shared universe and future-history, each telling us stories of:

Explorations: Through the Wormhole

Available Now!

Woodbridge Press is happy to announce the signing of their first full-length novel. Heart Blade is the first book of The Blade Hunt Chronicles, and is written by the very talented Juliana Spink Mills. 

‘I couldn’t be more excited about the first book we are publishing. I’ve personally read Heart Blade twice over and am really excited for the world to see what a wonderful writer Juliana is.’ Nathan Hystad – Woodbridge Press.

Here is a summary of Heart Blade by Juliana Spink Mills:

The Heart Blade is the cornerstone of the myth-shrouded Blade Hunt prophecies. Once summoned, the sword will lead the way to light, or push everyone to the edge of a new Dark Age. Not many believe the stories, but those who do know the countdown has begun.

Two years ago, Del was gifted a demon’s blood on her deathbed. Now, pressured to sever the last ties with her lost humanity by making her first kill, the teenage half-demon escapes from her pack, the infamous East Coast Hunt.

Vanquisher Jimmy finds Del alone and penniless and gives her Sanctuary, despite having every reason in the world not to trust a demon. To complicate matters, Jimmy and Del are falling for each other. Soon Del is on the run again, except this time Jimmy is at her side and the demons and Vanquishers are on their trail.

But the pack has more than one quarry. For seventeen years the Brotherhood has done its best to hide orphan Lila from the demons. The centuries-old Heart Blade prophecy is supposed to take place any time now, and Lila is the key player.

The hunt for both Del and the Heart Blade is on, and when the threads tangle and demons, Vanquishers, and the Brotherhood converge, Del finds herself unwittingly in the center of things.  

Heart Blade currently is scheduled for publication February 14th, 2017

To see more about Juliana, follow along her great blog at https://jspinkmills.com/ or twitter @JSpinkMills 

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is released!

Woodbridge Press is open for business. We currently have three amazing book collections on the go, and will be updating the site with release information.

The first collection is bringing some of the brightest, new horror writers in the business together for a haunting collection set in the ominous Lake Manor Hotel. 

It's been over a hundred and fifty years since a plague ravaged the area around Lake Manor. With few left to bury them, the corpses were unceremoniously dumped into the lake by their surviving loved ones. Years later, Lake Manor Hotel is alive with the shadows of the dead. Within the hotel's 13 rooms, there are 13 tales to tell. They will face evil demons, ghosts, creatures from the lake, and the worst monsters of all: the ones within themselves. 13 will check in, but how many will check out?

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is now available for sale!

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Woodbridge Press signs their first author to a book deal!